A touch of color

Sometimes just a touch of color to set the tone of a decor and arouse emotion and admiration.

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Carrying emotions, color inspires, suggests and expresses your moods. We can not count the number of qualifiers used to define it! Sometimes daring and sharp, sometimes delicate and reassuring, the color invariably expresses - and just as variably - your style. It can evoke fragility as well as strength, arouse comfort as uncertainty, transmit energy that calm down.

Get out of your comfort zone

Changing the color of a room, in whole or in part, is a gesture that requires a certain courage since it considerably transforms the room and the atmosphere of the decor. Before deciding whether or not you like the new color, take the time to get used to it. Place your decorative elements and wait a few days; a period of adjustment is almost always necessary. Color, that's tame! Remember that tastes are shaped over time and change from year to year, depending on your needs and experiences.

Some ideas to tame the colors

Painting the interior of a piece of furniture or a library in a contrasting color instantly produces a beautiful effect and helps to highlight their content.

No matter the architecture of your room, you will be able to create a lot of impact by painting a wall section of a contrasting color. If you take advantage of open spaces, color can also help delimit different areas.

A question of proportions

Deployed on too much surface, a color can stifle the style of a room. Used sparingly, it can give the impression of a shy and insecure setting. Now that you have in mind a decor where color dominates or a room where it acts as an accent, know that in the end, everything is a question of balance.

Also, make sure the color is not on one side of the room. Spread it through a rug, curtains or artwork to make sure your color, in accent or as the main hue, is well distributed in the decor.

Concentrate brighter or stronger shades in the area you want to highlight; this will become the focal point of the room. In addition, avoid matching tones of equal intensity or producing a similar impact: let your favorite color become the undisputed star.

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