A basement become friendly

Transforming a complete basement into warm and clearly defined living spaces is the challenge the designer has tackled by taking charge of this project! Having designed the elevations and the integrated furniture of the living room, she exploited the ceilings - often forgotten in design - to create subtle divisions. The addition of pine beams in the recreation area, with a reminder of the wood on the plywood wall of the stairway, distils some heat, as opposed to the concrete floor. The white comes to illuminate the whole.

The designer has exploited the column by adding a bar counter that, in addition to dividing the space, is useful when children want to eat in front of the TV.

The light smoothness of a farmhouse strand of the show stands against the slightly more industrial look of the game room accented with black.

If white is a logical choice to illuminate a space, this color is not the warmest. The designer has therefore relied on white painted paneling which, in addition to adding texture to the walls, gives style lounge and reading area.

The integrated pine furniture, the shiplap paneling, the blue armchairs, the brass side tables, the oversized patterned carpet ... all these elements contribute to the cozy atmosphere of the relaxation area.

Easily accessible, the essentials of the bar (refrigerated storeroom, preparation plan, shelf for glasses, closed storage) find refuge in a recess wall at the foot of the stairs. We slide the barn doors to the sides, and the bar is open!

The walls of the game room were covered with plywood panels, a material that is much stronger than gypsum to handle hockey pucks. Painted in black, like the ceilings that hide ventilation and plumbing, the mountain patterns create an original finish.

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