An original toy chest

Any child would be happy to own such a toy box. Indeed, it is a fantastic setting to gather all the precious treasures. By its action, the bear breathes dynamism to the creation. Having limited the image on the lid instead of painting the entire box generates a very interesting result.

Colors (from the DecoArt Americana palette): Primary Yellow, Primary Red, Forest Green, Williamsburg Blue, Sand, Pale Buttermilk, Honey Brown, Burnt Shadow, Camel, Bitter Chocolate, Slate Gray, Payne Gray, Cherub Blue, Black of Smoke ( ebony), Yellow Moon, Fluorescent Acrylics Burning Red and Warm Green.

Brushes: # 2, # 8, 1/2 "and 1" dishes; 1/8 "and 3/8" crowbars; lag # 0; stencil 1/2 "and 3/4" stencil; 1/2 in. rake

Other material used: sealer or varnish and 440 grit sandpaper.

Procedures :
- On the surface to be painted, apply a coat of sealer or varnish. Sand lightly to soften. Trace the general shapes of the pattern with black graphite paper.
- Under the horizontal line, leaves and pencils, shade into a very soft gradient using the 1 "flat brush and Burnt Shadow. Take back very slightly with the bitter chocolate hue. Then make the base of the leaves and pencils Light butter with the 1/2 "flat brush.
- For pencils, use the same brush. On the Pale Buttermilk, apply Forest Green for the pencil in the hand, from Primary Red to Top and Primary Yellow to Bottom.
- Then make the base of the pants and the underside of the legs with Williamsburg Blue and the 1/2 "flat brush.
- Color the bear's body by tapping Honey Brown with a 3/8 "crowbar. Use the 1/8 "crowbar for smaller areas.
- With Bitter Chocolate and the 1 "flat brush, draw the shading shades of the yellow pencil on the leaf, the shadow between the two leaves, those of the arm and head as well as the small corner of leaf turned upside down. Also think to go under the bugs, on the left.
- Make the drawings with a flat brush # 2 diluting the following colors: Gray pays for the water, the mast and the walls of the house; Primary red for the boat, flag, gate and petals of the flower; Primary yellow for sails, sun, window and heart of flower; Slate gray for the cloud, the roof and the spokes of the bike wheel; Black smoke for bike wheel and center; Green forest for grass and flower stalk.
- Shade the yellow pencil with the 1/2 "flat brush loaded with Honey Brown. Shade the end of the cap and all the right side close to the ground. Finish with a # 0 streak line to mark the cork. For the light, make a gradient all the way through the center of the pencil with the 1/2 "flat brush loaded with Yellow Moon.
- For the red pencil, shade the tip and all the way down with Burnt Shadow. Also add a line for the cap. Gradiently illuminate throughout the center of the pencil with Red Hot (fluorescent acrylics).
- For the green pencil, darken the left side and the edge of the pencil slightly with Gray payne. Light the tip and right on the side of the pencil with Warm Green (fluorescent acrylics).
- Draw the thumbtacks using the tip of the 1 "brush handle dipped in the Primary Red. Dry, then enter a comma and a red hot spot (fluorescent acrylics) with # 0 streak.
- Reproduce the stripes at the bottom of the trousers and under the feet with the flat brush # 8 and diluted pale buttermilk. Run them all at once by loading the brush every time. With the 1 "flat brush and Gray Payne, shade the pants and under the legs. Insist on the left side of the pants, between the legs and under the tail.
- With a 1/2 "rake brush loaded with diluted Gray Payne, draw the tile of the trousers following the roundness of the posterior. Do this with diluted Cherub Blue to redo the check pattern in the light area.
- Finish with a little dry brushing with a 1/2 "or 3/4" stencil brush and blue cherub. As you need to get a light powdery effect, always make sure to remove the excess paint on a paper before rubbing the piece.
- Complete the fur of the cub by tapping Burnt Shadow with the 3/8 "and 1/8" crowbars depending on the space to be covered. Proceed very lightly everywhere and accentuate in dark areas.
- With the same shade and 1 "flat brush, shade the dark areas, under the paws (fur part), under the arm, on the thigh at the edge of the pants, at the bottom of the tail (left side), at the bottom of the ears and face (above the shoulder). Tap Bitter Chocolate on 1/8 "or 3/8" foot to accentuate dark corners. Repeat using the 1 "flat brush.
- Light up the tip of the tail and ears and the top of the head, arm, shoulder and feet by tapping a 1/8 "or 3/8" crowbar Brown honey and camel in equal amounts. Intensify the light with Sand by tapping more and more on the edges. With a # 2 flat brush, apply a base coat of Bitter Chocolate on the nose and the eye. Gradually illuminate the tip of the nose and the bottom of the eye with a 1/2 "flat brush and Honey Brown. In # 0, create a shimmer of pale buttermilk light in the eye. Draw the eyelashes Black with smoke.



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