An office magnified by Karine

Creating a warm and bright decor for his own office, located in a semi-basement: this is the challenge launched by designer Karine Matte, who loves eclectic atmospheres marrying vintage elements and who has not hesitated to get out of his comfort zone by integrating a marble style wall. See his decorative approach at work!

Karine Matte, designer Matte & Glossy,

Here is a decor that does not leave ice! Marbled HDF panels add a discreet elegance to the ambient eclecticism, which translates into a daring marriage of pink (wall of the window and doors), yellow (curtains) and green (palm leaves painted by the designer to from a stencil she cut into a polythene). By associating this imitation of white marble with rich and warm hues, it has easily foiled its coldness.

The striped carpet acts as a visual intermediary between the workspace and the adjacent room. There are bluish notes reminiscent of the oil-blue wall of the next room, while soft grays maintain the link with the mottling of the wall panels. The whole thing creates a contrast of styles and tones that makes the room alive and warm.

For the furniture and lighting, the designer chose to stay in neutral shades of white, which make a reminder with the marbled wall. The poster uses the different colors in the decor through the pink accent wall and decorative elements (carpets, curtains, accessories).

The eco deco trick
Chic and precious material, marble is introduced more than ever into our contemporary interiors. That said, the cost of buying real stone is rather dissuasive. This is where economic, but aesthetically realistic, options come into play, such as HDF panels imitating white marble. Here, no constraints related to the weight or the fragility of the original material! Designed for walls or ceilings, these 48 "x 96" panels install easily and quickly. MR50 certified, they are resistant to moisture and mildew. They can therefore be placed in a bathroom or a slightly damp place (in the basement, for example). Be careful though: they should not be installed on a water-exposed surface, such as the inside of the shower or the kitchen backsplash!

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