Transform a melamine furniture for less than $ 100

For less than $ 100
Melamine is getting a new look

Make disappear the white melamine of your vanity, without painting or magic wand, it is possible! How to "> nnie Lavoie

Proper preparation

Before you begin, remove the vanity doors, then remove the handles and hinges. Be sure to clean the surfaces thoroughly with a non-rinse TSP type cleaner to remove stains or grease.

The essentials

  • "Wrap my kitchen" set
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors and exacto knife
  • Cabinet handles in brushed nickel, Richelieu, n ° BP860957195

Steps to cover the cabinet panels

  1. Measure the length and width of the panels and add 5 cm (2 in.) To each of your measurements. Using a pencil, measure your measurements on the back of the Wrap MK Coating by guiding you with the lines. Cut with scissors.

  2. Remove the waxed film, then remove the side of the door to be covered on the adhesive part. Take care to center it well.

  3. Flip the panel. Pass the applicator supplied with the assembly on the coating so that it adheres well to the door. Move up and down to remove air bubbles.

  4. Flip the panel over again. Using scissors or an exacto-style knife, cut the corners at 45 °, then fold the cover one side at a time across the thickness of the panel, pressing with your thumb for better adhesion.

  5. Cut off the excess coating with an exacto-type knife by pressing the blade firmly onto the panel. For best results, change the blade frequently.

  6. Use the caster provided with the set to make a nice finish on the panel field. Start the application by the side of the panel that will be installed down. Once this step is complete, cut off the excess and install the new handles.

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