Practice color blocking on a wall

As its name suggests, this technique involves painting a block of color on a wall. This graphic impact created with different colors gives dynamism and originality to the partitions. This technique is ideal for creating depth in a small room.

In this example, color blocking made it possible to define the space in order to highlight four tables. As much by the choice of colors as works, the monochrome effect exerts all its attraction. On the left, see how this technique is a child's play.

  1. Step 1

    Apply two coats of Benjamin Moore CC-510 color or shade of your choice. Determine the size and location of the block to be painted with a white pencil and ruler. Use a level to make sure you are drawing straight lines.

  2. 2nd step

    Glue the adhesive tape designed for the paint following the marks drawn beforehand. Make sure that the tape adheres well to the surface.

  3. Step 3

    Apply two coats of Benjamin Moore CC-250 color or selected shade. Let dry a few hours before removing the ribbon.

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