Painting: 15 colors ultratendance

Want to review the decoration of the house "> Vibrant blue

Design: Émilie Laframboise, designer, Home Hardware Materials Charlesbourg, [email protected], 418 624-1113.

To add a touch of color while avoiding a garish or stifling result, we chose to paint a single wall in blue. Thus, the room remains airy and the accent wall highlights the bathtub, which is dominated by an original chandelier.

Green tinted gray

Layout and photo: Benjamin Moore

Symbol of nature and freshness, green knows how to soothe the soul and relax the spirits. Easy to integrate into a decor, it is the perfect antidote to the daily excitement and stress of modern times. No wonder Benjamin Moore chose it as the color of the year!

Straw yellow

Development: Stéphane Blanchet, designer, WTF Project, 514 808-6160

Side by side in the color wheel, green and yellow stand out. Decorating the scenery, pea green combines with sun yellow and straw yellow to create a subtle atmosphere. The combination of a dominant shade on the ceiling and sunnier gradients on the walls rebalances the proportions of the room.

Punched orange

Furnishing: Julie Leclair, designer, Yulya Design,

This headboard would not have the same impact if it was the same color as the wall! Featuring an illuminated alcove and highlighted by a warm and contrasting hue, the gypsum structure becomes the focal point of the room.

Midnight blue

Landscaping: Jessica Rhainds, designer, [email protected] / Realization: by the owner.

Tinted in deep blue and tempered with bright white, this rustic-looking decor with simplicity is both wraparound and casual.

Rose passion

In a small dose in the bathroom, or markedly in a teenager's room, the passion rose creates a bright atmosphere and an exploded decor.

Black and white

Timeless and distinguished, the black and white duo can create neutral decorations that you can energize with some colorful accessories.


Development: Daniel Marinier, Dama Design, Cabinets: Kitchen PE Maurice,

Evoking heavenly beaches, the cyan color adds an exotic touch to a fresh decor.

Pastel shades

Layout: Mélanie Cherrier, designer, Blanc Marine Living, Photo: Mario Dubreuil.

Strongly inspired by the romantic trend, the decor of this classic piece elegantly takes on shades of cream and pastel pink. The latter install with conviction an ultra-feminine atmosphere!

Gray tones

Furniture design and design: Guylaine Jobin, designer,

Think of playing with a monochrome gray to create an atmosphere conducive to calm and relaxation in the bedroom.


Sweet, classic and timeless, the cream remains a favorite color. Accessorize the room with colorful elements or play the monochrome card for a trendy decor!

Red Hot

Used in equal proportions, red, gray and white are displayed in a structured geometry game to boost the decor. Obtained by the technique of color zoning, these horizontal stripes are taken up by the shelves, the lines that draw the bed as well as the print of the bedding.

Sunny orange

On the accent wall, a sunny orange like a field of ripe wheat illuminates the dining room where urban and natural elements merge. Combined with the wood of the furniture and the floor, this shade warms the room.

Invigorating yellow

Yellow, we like it for its toning properties. We also like it for its ability to reflect light. Acting in concert with the ceramic backsplash, this vibrant shade illuminates the area reserved for meals.


Photo: Shutterstock

Color associated with the dream, purple soothes the mind, making it a suitable shade for the bedroom. At the head of the bed, it appears in a deep shade, contrasting with the wall sticker, while on the wall where the windows are, it appears in a lighter shade for a brighter effect.

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