The layout of an office at home

Do the Work Surfaces in Big Box Stores Really Meet the Needs of Users? "There are several factors to consider when setting up an office at home:

  • The room that will serve as office is it bright enough?
  • How many hours per week will the office be used?
  • Is the space provided large enough for the intended purpose?
  • Who will be the users (children, teenagers, adults)?
  • What are the budget and priorities for buying the office?

At MAB Profil, we not only sell offices: we offer optimal planning solutions! To do this, our experienced consultants travel at no cost to take action, discuss and evaluate your needs.

When designing a residential office, lack of space is often a problem. To remedy this, manufacturers have developed interesting solutions.

The combined box

With 30 or 36 inches wide, this storage joins the traditional small three drawer cabinet to one plus a large file drawer. It can also be divided into two small drawers in the top and a large drawer in the bottom, which creates a less massive model and lower.

The mobile box

This is an interesting storage solution for a workstation in a child's or teenager's room. In order to make life easier for the parent who needs to help or supervise the lessons, the mobile pedestal can be surmounted by a cushion. So we maximize the space with a convenient storage that turns into a booster seat if necessary.

When the home office is located in the family room or in the living room, it can be imagined that it will serve all members of the family. But will it really be suitable for all these users ">
Why not take the opportunity to spend a few minutes standing up and doing the chores or to relax playing games on the computer?

If you want to keep an office that you already have, but the idea of ​​varying your working position interests you, there are platforms that are installed on an existing table and that can work standing or sitting.

When installing your office, do not forget to take into account the orientation of the sun. It will be uncomfortable to work with the rays of the sun that directly hit the computer screen or dazzle you! An analysis of all the possibilities of orientation is important to obtain the optimal positioning.

The lack of brightness in the room can also be a problem and as you get older, the need for light to work can be greater. There are several models of lamps that stand out in different ways: some models are available in eight colors to add life to the design, while others favor the adjustment of the intensity of the lighting according to the task to accomplish.

The design of the office is not done on a whim: it represents an investment! We want to integrate it into the overall image of our home while satisfying the varied needs of different users. Consulting a consultant is definitely a good idea to save time and money, as it will ask you the right questions to find your perfect office layout!

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