In stages: create side tables using logs

You believe that the logs are only used to feed the chimney "> The essentials:

  • Log
  • Protective gloves
  • Chopped
  • Medium grain sanding sponge
  • Plastic gloves
  • Measuring cup
  • Painting
  • Brush
  • High gloss transparent epoxy varnish
  • Coffee stick
  • Water based floor varnish

  1. Remove the bark from each log with the ax. Work with outward movements (the opposite of where you are) so you do not get hurt with the blade.

  2. Sand all surfaces to be painted with the sanding sponge. Sand the edges of the log as well as the top, until the surfaces are smooth and free of bark.

  3. Prepare a wash of paint by mixing about two parts of water for a part of paint. Apply the wash on the edge of the log (the grain of the wood will still be noticeable after the application of the wash). On the top of the log, apply a coat of paint (without wash in order to obtain a more opaque finish). Let dry.

  4. Mix the epoxy preparation according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Spread the epoxy on the top of the log with a coffee stick. To avoid bubble formation, follow the manufacturer's instructions and apply the mixture carefully. Allow to dry until the epoxy has hardened. Finally, apply a varnish on the edge of the logs to protect the paint.

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