Centennial kitchen 100% renovated

Center piece of the ground floor, this kitchen in a century old house completely renovated has been designed to integrate harmoniously with the open space. Combining elements sometimes traditional, sometimes contemporary, it brings a present breath to the places while respecting the spirit of origin of the residence. In the heart of the room, a huge island reigns with panache in this decor marrying white and wood.

A stainless steel hood with contemporary design and wooden slats arranged in herringbone on the floor: a contrast of successful styles! In addition to serving as a worktop and lunch counter, this islet of 17 feet long offers maximum storage thanks to its large drawers. Just like the cabinets, they are free of handles to provide a completely smooth surface.

A hexagonal-shaped, two-tone ceramic tile floor defines the meal preparation area, while adding a retro touch to the kitchen. Integrated in the wall of cabinets, the fridge passes totally incognito!

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