Youthful cuisine

To get a kitchen perfectly to their taste, the owners have invested their money strategically. In the transformation of the cabinets are added some extras with a spectacular effect. Discover all the secrets of a successful discount at a low price!

  1. A stainless steel hood and a mosaic of colored glass complete this total rejuvenation. They serve as points of interest and give a luxurious air to the room. A laminate countertop with the typical flecks of granite adds a touch of nobility to the decor.

  2. Red accessories make a wink to the mosaic. At the same time, they dress the dosse - ret, whose sobriety leaves room for some fantasies.

  3. On the drawers, the grain of the wood has been drawn horizontally, as is the current trend. This is a trick that greatly strengthens the interest of the decor.

  4. The colors and transparency of glass tiles, even when applied to a small surface, instantly add personality to the kitchen.

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