Tips for home staging room by room

By applying the basic principles of home staging (decluttering, depersonalization, reorganization, creating atmosphere), you could manage to attract a maximum of potential buyers quickly. Marie-Josée Leblanc, specialist in home staging, gives us his advice for all parts of the house.


We only dwell on the master bedroom. We empty it of our belongings and photos, we give it a more neutral personality and we make it cozy. For the walk-in, this is a very attractive for buyers ... provided it is not a mess. To make it seem spacious, we clear the floor and the shelves, then take out the clothes out of season. For temporary storage, use bags or boxes designed for the underside of the bed.


Development: Mélyssa Robert, designer,

Like that of a hotel room, it must give the impression of having never been used. Empty the trash, close the toilet lid and strip the room of everything that is personal. So, get pretty baskets with a lid, and the days of visit, you can store in a jiffy all your products (toothpaste, cream, perfume ...). Even a broken candle has no place! All mechanisms of the cabinet doors and drawers must also be in good condition.


Development: Catherine Dion, designer, 418 998-2451.

It ensures that the mechanisms of cabinet doors and drawers work well and that the faucet does not leak. We clear the counters (exit microwave, coffee maker, toaster, paperwork, etc.!) And we highlight each work area (washing dishes, preparing meals, cooking) by creating an atmosphere by adding a bowl of green apples or a cutting board with a bunch of tomatoes, a clove of garlic and basil.


Amenities: Version III Design, 418 877-4669.

Our exterior must be as fabulous as our interior! In winter, there are three things to avoid: the Christmas decorations in February, the recycling bin on the snow bank and a badly cleared alley. In the summer, we try to hide our garbage bins, we cut trees and shrubs that could hide the front door and we create areas of atmosphere, like a small table with a vase of flowers on the balcony.

Living room

Development: Johanne Roy, Lux'Art Design, 514 668-9814.

As it is often the room where there are too many things, it is necessary to declutter without removing too much. Keep in mind that the representation we have of our living room must correspond to the place of life. For example, a single sofa and an armchair would not meet the needs of a three-bedroom home! To create a warm atmosphere, put a throw on the couch and place some nice books on the table. Good lighting is also indicated (you need at least a floor lamp and two table lamps).

Entrance hall

Design: Jacinthe Girard, designer, Mirabel Cabinets The Lahaie Group,

It is by stepping into the house that people say to themselves: "We continue the visit or we go away">
Furnishing: Andrée Michel, Pure Design Deco, [email protected]

If it is not finished, a good cleaning to remove dust and cobwebs will suffice. If we started renovating a room, we make sure to finish it. For a fully finished basement, the same principles as on the ground floor apply. If it has a multiple room, we divide the areas (TV, game, office, etc.) using elements that we already have (carpet, library, etc.).

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