How to avoid water damage

Thousands of water damage claims are registered each year in Quebec: a problem often associated with plumbing that, most of the time, could be avoided. Here are some tips to keep your home dry!

Prevent obstructions

To prevent the sewage pipes (sink, bath, shower) from being clogged with hair or food, put on the strainers (perforated sheets used as filters): they allow to collect the deposits and to keep at a distance the major water damage caused by a clogged system.

Check the pipes of the appliances

  • Pay special attention to the washer and dishwasher hoses. These are important sources of water entry so, at the slightest sign of deterioration, we replace!
  • Always replace the hoses if they look moderately worn. Even if they are still functional, it is recommended to replace them at least every ten years.
  • Make sure the connections (junction between hose and valve) are in good condition. They must be tight to prevent water infiltration.

Beware of freezing!

During the winter, you plan to leave the house more than a week ">

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