How to paint a ceramic wall

Even wall ceramics in a bathroom can be repainted to give it a good color of its time. Sometimes a slightly different shade can help the whole piece to gain beauty.

Repeat the bathroom on a budget: See the final result here.

  1. Step 1

    To begin, lightly sand the ceramic tile with # 50 or # 80 grit paper. This step removes the tile from the glaze, allowing the paint to adhere to it at the same time. Take care to clean the ceramic thoroughly with a damp cloth. Next, prepare the surface by applying an oil-based primer to all tiles to be painted.

  2. 2nd step

    When the primer is dry, cover the tiles with two coats of Ralph Lauren UL01 water-based paint by first using a paintbrush to cut and paint the joints.

  3. Step 3

    After cutting, paint the surface with a foam roller. Between each layer, observe the drying time prescribed by the manufacturer.

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