Room in the heart of nature

Entering Ludovic's room is equivalent to a trip to a world of giants. Its bed is surrounded by tall grass and larger-than-life insects emerge. The theme of the mural is inspired by a book for children. His characters have been reproduced by a painter.

  1. Detail

    To add to the realism of the fresco, a bed of heaven borrowing the shape of two green leaves watches over the sleep of Ludovic. The antennae of the insect, a giraffe weevil, were made using polystyrene balls and pipe cleaners inserted into the wall.

  2. Detail

    The green curtains blend with the long grass surrounding the room. A snake is making capers above the window, which fits in with the decor.

  3. Detail

    The large mouth of a pelican serves as a laundry basket. This clothing eater bird encourages children to participate in washing chores!

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