8 models of stone imitations for the walls

The decorative stones come in several models. Thus, it is possible to create a host of effects for an interior or exterior wall. Also, these products are offered in several colors approaching natural tones.

  1. Very contemporary and natural looking, these imitations of stones are installed with or without mortar joint according to the desired look.

  2. We swear it's real brick. Yet it is a lightweight concrete briquette with a thickness of 1/2 ". The market offers them in a very wide range of colors.

  3. Another model that arises with or without a seal. Its finish harmonizes well with more classic decorations.

  4. This light concrete like stone blocks has little relief.

  5. Inspired by California, these stones simulate pebbles. This product is simply installed by stacking the plates one on the other, without mortar joint.

  6. This model offers another version of the Californian look.

  7. Looking for a country style ">

    In briquettes, there is also this version made of clay.

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