5 storage solutions for the kitchen

Reduced space does not mean lack of storage or place to cook. Optimize your kitchen with these five ideas.

  1. Think rolling storage

    Get extra storage and a larger work surface with a wheeled trolley that you can move around as you please. It becomes a practical island for small kitchens. Tip: Add hooks on the sides to hang rags, dish cloths and oven mittens, and make room in the kitchen cabinets.

  2. Hang the housewarming party!

    Your finest kitchen accessories will be showcased once they're hanging from a rack, uncluttering your cabinets at the same time. Pots and pans that take up a lot of space will be upside down and will be part of the decor, adding cachet to your kitchen.

  3. Enjoy the walls

    Easily installed on the wall, the credence bars are useful for hanging a multitude of kitchen tools: colander, cutting board, pot lids ... In short, anything that can fit on a hook! Countertops will be cleared and cabinets released.

  4. Order your pantry

    To properly organize the pantry, remember to transfer your food in clear airtight containers. Easily stackable on shelves because of their rectangular format, these pots will allow you in addition to keep longer your pasta, cereals and other commodities. A single glance will be enough to locate their contents.

  5. Gather the spices

    Book a drawer in which you will collect all of your spices that you have transferred into small containers of the same size. Be sure to identify them with labels that will be clearly visible when you open the drawer. You will not be able to confuse chili and cinnamon when you make a cake!

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